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Black Medal Frame for Medals and a Photograph
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This medal frame holds a standard 3x4" photograph and any number of medals. If your chosen number of medals is not shown or you would like a different configuration please contact us.

  • Available in 3 wood finishes; dark wood, light oak or matt black.
  • Our frames have a deep recess so to leave plenty of room to display most medal thicknesses.
  • Your choice of mount board colour.
  • Customisable with your own inscription.
  • We can send you the frame for you to mount the medals and photograph yourself or we can frame everything for you.
  • We use real glass in our frames - not acrylic. Each frame is custom made by hand in our own studio.


Standard inscriptions consist of service number, name, rank & regiment however you can choose any inscription you like - please leave the field blank if you do not require an inscription. We will only add the inscription to the frame for you if you are choosing the 'Frame & Mounting' option. If you are choosing the 'DIY' option, you will be able to add your own inscription.

'Do It Yourself' or 'Frame & Mounting'

You can have your frame shipped to you for you to 'do it yourself'. Mounting medals and photograph in the frame is a fairly easy task to undertake and we have instructional videos to help you on our You Tube channel. If we are doing it for you we will replace all ribbons (where required) and clean & polish your medals. Ribbons will be stiffened and glued and are affixed to the mount board using cold silicon. The frame is airtight and dust sealed. We will always ensure that medals are mounted in the correct order and that they hang regulation length.


We will reproduce your photograph to the correct size and return your original. We will only add this service to your order if you are choosing the 'Frame & Mounting' option. If you are choosing the 'DIY' option, you will be able to add your own photograph.

Removing the Medals

If want to be able to remove the medals from the frame (for wearing on parade for example), please indicate in the 'additional requirements' field. The medal cut out section of the frame will them be felt lined to match the mount board colour and we will supply fitting to hang the medals. We can mount or re-mount your medals for you, please see the Medal Mounting page for further details.

If you have alternative requirements or would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact us



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