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Understanding Military Medal Framing: Importance, Techniques, and Styles 0



Preserving and displaying military medals is an important way to honor and commemorate the sacrifices and achievements made by service members. Whether you have earned these prestigious awards yourself or inherited them as family heirlooms, military medals are cherished symbols of courage, dedication, and service. 

Military medals serve as tangible reminders of history, personal achievement, and the bravery of those who served in defence of their country. Framing these medals not only ensures they are protected from damage and deterioration, but also provides an opportunity for them to be proudly displayed for all to appreciate. A custom-framed medal display adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home or office, serving as a conversation piece and a visual representation of one's commitment to their country.

When it comes to framing military medals, there are several techniques utilized to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of the display. These techniques include the use of archival materials, proper mounting of the medals, and the provision of UV-resistant glass for protection against fading and damage from sunlight. Each medal framing project is unique, allowing for personalisation in not only the layout but also the choice of materials and colours used in the frame and matting.

At Empire Medals, our team is dedicated to helping you craft the perfect medal-framing project, no matter the size or scope. By understanding the importance of military medal framing and exploring the various techniques and styles available, you can create a stunning display that not only pays tribute to your service or that of a loved one, but also serves as an eye-catching piece of decor for years to come.

The Importance of Military Medal Framing

Framing military medals goes beyond presenting them as mere decoration. It represents honour, respect, and pride in the accomplishments and sacrifices made by those who have served their country. Proper preservation and presentation of medals not only uphold their historical and sentimental significance, but also ensure they retain their condition and value for future generations to appreciate.

Preserving the Legacy

Military medals are treasured heirlooms for many families, as they carry the stories and achievements of their loved ones. Framing these medals ensures that their legacy is preserved, providing a source of inspiration and instilling patriotism in younger generations.

Protecting the Medals

Medals are made from various materials, such as metal, enamel, and fabric, which can deteriorate if exposed to dust, moisture, or sunlight. Framing these awards protects them from the harsh elements, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. Additionally, high-quality framing techniques like using UV-resistant glass can save medals from fading or suffering damage due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Various Techniques Involved in Military Medal Framing

There are several techniques at play when it comes to framing military medals. By understanding and applying these methods, a perfect display can be achieved, which is not only safe, but also aesthetically appealing.

Archival Materials

Using acid-free, archival materials plays a crucial role in protecting the medals from damage. Acid-free mat board prevents the medals from discolouration and helps maintain their original condition. It also ensures your framed medals have a clean, professional appearance that can last for several years.

Proper Mounting

A key aspect of medal framing is ensuring they are securely mounted with minimal stress on the medal, ribbon, and suspension. This step is essential to prevent damage to the delicate fabric and metal components of the medals. The choice of authentic military brooch bars or hidden support methods can provide a stable and elegant solution.

UV-Resistant Glass

Investing in UV-resistant glass is an essential step to protect framed medals from the damaging effects of sunlight. This specialised glass prevents fading due to prolonged exposure to natural light, preserving the medals' vibrant colours and intricate details.

Popular Display Styles for Military Medals

There are numerous styles that one can choose from to create an impressive military medal display. Each style presents its unique flair, allowing for personalisation, which complements the bearer's preferences and individual stories.

Traditional Framing

A single or group of medals mounted within a frame, often accompanied by relevant paperwork such as certificates, photographs, or insignia, provides a straightforward representation of service achievements. Traditional framing can range from simple to elaborate, depending on the bearer's preference.

Shadow Box Framing

Shadow box frames create a three-dimensional appearance by housing the medals within a deep-set frame. This style allows the inclusion of additional memorabilia, such as rank insignias, patches, or photographs, alongside the mounted medals, creating a more comprehensive tribute to one's service.

Multi-Level Framing

The multi-level framing technique involves the use of multiple layers of matting to create a complex, eye-catching design for showcasing a group of medals. This style focuses on constructing an attractive layout that genuinely highlights the story behind each medal.

Custom-Designed Framing

With custom-designed military medal framing, the possibilities are endless. Collaborating with a professional framer can yield a unique, one-of-a-kind display that marries the medal recipient's personal style with their service achievements. This approach often results in a profoundly meaningful and visually striking piece.

Protecting Legacy: Military Medal Framing and its Importance

Investing in medal framing that highlights the importance of military medals, utilises proper framing techniques, and showcases a chosen display style is a fitting tribute to the courage, dedication, and service of the recipients. 

Empire Medals is proud to support the remarkable stories of those who have served in the armed forces by producing high-quality, hand-finished frames that preserve and celebrate their legacy for generations to come. 

Our skilled framing team is prepared to assist you with any project size to help you create the perfect medal display for your home or office—contact us today to embark on this meaningful journey.

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Nuclear Weapons Test Medal

Nuclear Weapons Test Medal 0

The government have unveiled the design of the Nuclear Test Medal. The medal has. be established to recognise military, civilian, and overseas staff and personnel who participated in Britain’s nuclear testing programme in the 1950s and 60s. Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced the medal in November 70 years after the first British test of a nuclear weapon, and recognises military, civilian, and overseas staff and personnel who participated in Britain’s nuclear testing programme in the 1950s and 1960s. 

The medal will recognise the contribution made by veterans and civilian staff from across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Kiribati and includes scientists and local employees.

Order of Wear:

this medal should sit after the Merchant Navy Medal for Meritorious Service or after any order medal or decoration for long or efficient service and before the Ebola Medal.

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Fully Prepared Boards 0

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How to fit a ribbon to a medal with a ring suspension? 0

This short video shows you how to for a ribbon on to a medal with a ring suspension. The most common of which are jubilee medals, world war 2 stars and the world war one victory medal.

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Operation Shader Medal

Operation Shader Medal 0

Back in late 2017, The Defence Secretary announced that a new campaign medal will be awarded to recognise the current operations in Iraq and Syria.

The Iraq and Syria Operational Service Medal, also referred to as the Op SHADER Medal, was announced by Sir Michael Fallon during a visit to deployed British forces at Erbil and Taji in Iraq.

Empire Medals are delighted to announce that the Miniature of the medal is now available to pre-order and we will begin sending these out on July 18th.

 You can pre-order the medal here.

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Battle of Jutland 0

Shared from of Fold 3 and ancestry.com 

British and German Navies Clash at the Battle of Jutland: May 31, 1916

On May 31, 1916, the British and German navies clashed in the North Sea, off the coast of Denmark, in the biggest naval battle of World War I. This battle, known as the Battle of Jutland, lasted about 12 hours and engaged more than 100,000 men on 250 ships. When it was over, more than 8,000 sailors on both sides had been killed.

Before the Battle of Jutland, the British had established naval dominance in the North Sea and blockaded Germany. Given that the British had the strongest navy in the world, German Vice-Admiral Reinhard Scheer decided to fight the British fleet one piece at a time, until he had shrunk it enough that he could defeat the rest of it in a full-scale battle.

Accordingly, the Germans devised a plan wherein.......continue reading