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Dunkirk Medal
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The Dunkirk medal was created by the town of Dunkirk to commemorate the defence of the area during the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force, with the applications and distribution being administered by the French Dunkirk Veterans Association.

Initially awarded only to the French defenders of the Dunkirk pocket, numbering about 30,000. In 1970 the qualification for the award was expanded to include most of the British who served in the Dunkirk sector and their rescue forces; including the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Merchant Navy, and the civilian 'little ship' volunteers.

Although not an official issue, this medal can be mounted alongside official medals. We supply the medal on a loose ribbon as originally awarded. If you require the medal mounted, please add the appropriate style to you order using the drop down options above.

This medal was not issued engraved and as such engraving cannot be added to this medal.



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