Wearing Of Ribbons - British Army

When ribbons are worn without the Orders, Decorations and Medals themselves, all are to be worn except those of The Orders of the Garter and Thistle. The dimensions of ribbons of Orders, when the ribbon alone is worn, are to be the width of the ribands of Membership of the Order. If there is no Membership class, the ribbon is to be the width of the ribands of Companionship of the Order. All ribbons are to be 9.525mm deep ie from top to bottom. 13.07 Positioning of Ribbons.

Ribbons are to be placed centrally over the left breast pocket button. They are worn in rows, the senior ribbon positioned nearest the jacket lapel or front buttons and in the top row when multiple rows are worn. No ribbon should be fully hidden by the lapel. The number of ribbons worn in a complete row is governed by the width of the breast pocket as the bottom row of medal ribbons is not to exceed the width of the breast pocket seam. On uniforms with no breast pocket, the number of medal ribbons on the bottom row is not to exceed 5. When 2 or more rows are worn and there are insufficient ribbons to complete a row, it is the top row which is incomplete. The incomplete row is to be placed centrally above the top complete row, and is to contain ribbons of the senior Orders, Decorations or Medals. Each row of ribbons is to be centred above the breast pocket button resulting in any variation of row length being distributed equally at each end of the row.