Independent Reviews Top The 200!

December 31 2015, 0 Comments

We are delighted to have teamed up with Trustpilot, the UK's leading independent review website. All reviews are independently audited and companies cannot change, amend, access or influence the reviews submitted. At Empire Medals we believe that this is the most transparent way of offering a really worthwhile review of the the overall experience of our customers. 

We all look at some reviews and wonder.....are they genuine, they may appear staged or even overly critical without foundation or substance. Trustpilot offer you the consumer a completely independent assessment in order for you to make that all important buying decision. 

Now, we don't always get things right first time. Whilst we try, we are only human and very occasionally we make mistakes. We are confident that our service in unrivaled in our sector and would urge you to read our reviews and see for yourself.

After only a very short time with Trustpilot, we have passed the 200 mark and have maintained the highest grade possible 'Excellent'.

Thank you to our great customers and potential customers, we are - as ever - Proud To Serve.