Armed Forces Day 2015

We would love to hear your stories and comments about your Armed Forces Day 2015. We are putting together a portfolio of articles to share with all and generations to come. Good and bad, please share with us, you never know, we may be able to feed your comments back to your local organisers to help make 2016 even better! All feedback and comments will be moderated prior to publication so if you just want to talk to us, please do so below.

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  • Kevin Paton-Feaver
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  • Alan Shine
    Alan Shine

    My Great Grandfather Arthur Dennis Shine was born in 1854 he first enlisted in 1903 with The Royal Fusiliers 5th Battalion and served 5 years One Hundred & Eighty Nine days.

    We’re not sure if he was called up or he re-enlisted unsure when this was though with The Royal Fusiliers 13th Battalion (City of London) he was sent to France on the 30th July 1915 and was accidently killed on the 7th January 1916 he was with an advance party on their way to The Somme he was on an ammunition truck when it exploded 5 others died along side him. He is buried at Hannescamps New Cemetery in France with those that sadly perished on this day.

    His wife Rosie was never sent his medals so I his Great Grandson have taken up the challenge to get them, but I take great heart that should I fail I know I can come here I purchase all that is needed to honour him.

    Kindest Regards

    Alan Shine

  • Hector Mackay
    Hector Mackay

    We arrived in Aden to pick up bunkers , and water as usual when we sailed to the Far East . We left late that night ,I was on the Wheel during the 12-4 watch , the 2nd Officer spotted smoke coming from a vent at No3 hold , phoned to tell the Captain , we turned about 180 back to Aden , we had ammunition in No 2 hold . Everything pumped into No 3 .After a day or so the hatch covers were taken off , chief Officer donned the smoke gear , bellows air line and entered the hold via ladder , on the 2nd tween deck he took a turn around a tween deck stansion got lost and called for help . Alec M . an A B , grab a heavy line , down the ladder he went ,cut the chief officer free tied the bowling and a bight around him and called haul him up ,which all hands did , un- luckely the hauled him up atop the hold ladder , when Alec came up the ladder he could get past the officer , ten feet or so from hatch combing the gases got to him and he began to shake , having to let go he fell to the bottom of the hold , which lucky for him the lower hold was full of water and hessian bags . HIs pal then donned smoke gear went down tied a line on him , we then hauled him up to the deck his mate Following . When Alec was lying on the deck his Tongue began to swell , he was a bit unconcious I grabbed a hammer and put the shaft in his mouth as he could have bitten off his Tongue , Alec came round his Tongue reduced its swelling , I removed the hammer shaft from his mouth , he gave a little smile ,and said thanks Hec . Never met him again since that Trip . cheers Hec .

  • Gordon Neve
    Gordon Neve
    I live in Sleaford Lincolnshire, but unfortunately our local council decided that it was

    to much trouble to organise Armed Forces Day in our town, ( shame on them )
    So I travelled to Cleethorpes AFD instead, it was a great day with three marching bands.
    Us veterans enjoy a good march while we still can.
    kind Regards,
    Gordon Neve (Ex RAF )

  • Frank Rimmer QGM
    Frank Rimmer QGM

    I asked Empire Medals, at a rediculously short notice, to provide me with a set of life size replica medals to wear, for Armed Forces Day 2015 in Cleethorpes, as my originals were in a case. This they did superbly within three days and to a great quality.
    This allowed me to take part in the parade as a veteran, (something I have only ever done once, since leaving the Army in 1992, after 20+ years),marching alongside the wife of one of my best/lifelong friends from my Army days, who passed away last year.
    We looked great and I received many complimentary comments on how well my medals looked, no one had any idea they were replicas.
    A final plus note is that we in Cleethorpes will be hosting the National Armed Forces Day next year, when I will be wearing my medals again with great pride.
    Many thanks Empire Medals
    Frank Rimmer

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