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Medal Ribbon Bar for 5 Medals
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Ribbon Brooch Bars available for all medals for wearing when the full-size or miniature medals is not required or appropriate. Please clearly state details of your required ribbon/s.

A piece of ribbon is sewn on to a pin-on brooch or piece of buckram to be worn in place of your medals when medals are not required or not appropriate. These can be worn individually or mounted/sewn as a group on a single pin or piece of buckram.

Pin-On Brooch:

The ‘pin-on’ option attaches to your garment using a secure metal pin.

Buckram Bar:

The ‘buckram’ option is designed to be sewn directly onto a garment.


Rosettes and emblems are generally worn on ribbon bars to denote subsequent awards for long service, bravery, mentioned in despatches or to signify participation in a particular campaign. If emblems are required for your ribbon bar, please select the number of emblems required.



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