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General Service Medal Radfan
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The General Service Medal with Radfan Clasp was awarded for 30 days service ashore, afloat or 1 operational sortie from 24th December 1962 and 11th August 1966.

The General Service Medal 1962 - 2007 is commonly known as the Campaign Service Medal 1962 as was awarded with a minimum of one campaign clasp (in the instance 'Radfan') and it is believed that a maximum of six clasp have been awarded on one medal. Eligibility for the Campaign Service Medal with Northern Ireland Claps spans almost 38 years - the longest eligibility period of any campaign medal. Over 130,000 were awarded.

Instituted in 1962 to replace the separate Naval GSM & RAF/ARMY GSM, the General Service Medal 1962-2007 was awarded to recognise service in minor campaigns that fell short of full scale war.

This medal is supplied on a loose ribbon as originally awarded. You can as medal mounting, ribbon emblems, additional clasps and medal naming as required using the options below. GSM's we awarded named with service details. 

This die struck, museum quality Replica Medal is British made under MoD licence and is of the same quality and specification as original awards.



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