Wearing Of Ribbons - Royal Navy

When ribbons are worn apart from the orders, decorations and medals themselves a ribbon is worn for each medal, etc except the Garter, Thistle and St Patrick.

The ribbon is the same for all classes of an order. The ribbon is to be worn from the date of the official notification of the award. b. Length of ribbons to be worn: RN, and personnel - 13mm, but with more than five rows ribbons 10mm long may be worn. Royal Marines - 10mm all cases. The width of the ribbon is to be that of the riband attached to the order, decoration or medal itself. For orders, the width is that of the riband of the lowest class. The normal width in each case is 32mm.

The ribbons are to be sewn on the garments, except on whites, tropical khaki and stone-coloured garments for which a detachable, brooch-type bar similar to the medal bar is to be used, with the pin inserted through beckets sewn in the correct positions. The ribbons are to be arranged in one or more rows as required, without either gaps or overlapping, in order of seniority as for medals, starting at the inside end of the top or only row. The ribbons are to be worn on the left breast.