Wearing Of Ribbons - Royal Air Force

Ribbons are to be worn in the sequence with the senior ribbon nearest the lapel (and in the top row when more than one row is worn). They are to be sewn without intervals on uniforms worn in temperate areas.

Ribbons are to be 7 /16" (11mm) long and those of orders are to be the width of the ribbon of the membership of the order. A row is to consist of not more than four ribbons.

When more than four ribbons are worn, thy are to be made up to display as many complete rows of four as possible with any incomplete row at the top. Each succeeding row is to be placed centrally above the row immediately below it, except when it is necessary for any row or rows to be shortened. To ensure that no ribbon is either wholly or partly obscured by the lapel or collar, the upper row or row is/are to be shortened as necessary to display as many complete ribbons as possible in the space between the edge of the lapel or collar and sleeve head seam. The edges of the ribbons nearest the shoulder in each complete row must be in line vertically with the bottom row. The bottom row of ribbons is to be located immediately and centrally above the flap of the breast pocket, or in a similar position where pockets are not fitted. The space between rows is to be 1 /8" (3mm) but, if four or more rows are worn, they are to be without space between rows.