The Union Flag Veterans Badge:

As stated on the application page, the free Veterans Badge takes a MINIMUM of 12 weeks to process (this is however currently in excess 17 weeks), engrave with your service number and send out. At any one time, we are processing upwards of 5,000 free badges, please bear with us, we are working as fast as we can.
We are currently holding applications from 30th May onwards and ALL BADGE APPLICATIONS have at this point been SUSPENDED until after Remembrance Sunday. To confirm, if your badge has not yet been received, shipment will now not happen until after 11th November. If we have any spare capacity prior to this we will of course let you know.
We will email you to confirm once your badge has been sent to you.


You can register here for the Veterans Badge.

I requested more than one Veterans Badge but only received one?

Veterans Badges are strictly limited to one badge per service number and each application must have a unique and valid email address.

Why do you ask for service details?

We record your service details and spot check to ensure that the make up of service details matches what would've been issued. We do not have access to military records, nor do we share any of your information. It is simply the only way we are able to try and ensure that only ex-service personnel can apply. 

Will my service details be on the badge?

No. The Veterans Badge is issued with your service number only (if it is supplied to us).

Should I have received a confirmation email for my application?

Yes you should, try looking in your 'junk' folder - sometimes they end up there.

I subscribed to the Empire Medals Newsletter but have subsequently unsubscribed from the list. Will I still receive my badge?

No. If your email address has been removed, your application will also fall off our list.

When I made my application I un-ticked the 'Subscribe to our newsletter' box, will I still receive receive a badge?

No. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter, your application will also fall off our list.

How long will by badge take to arrive?

Badges take a minimum of 12 weeks to deliver depending on the volume of applications currently in our system.

If applications have closed, can I still register for a badge?

Yes, you can register here for the Veterans Badge.

Can I apply for someone else?

The Veterans Badge is strictly limited to one badge per service number and each application must have a unique email address.

Can I find out the status of my application?

Due to the shear volume of applications, we are unable to update on individual applications before the maximum delivery time have elapsed. 

Is the free Veterans badge shipped overseas?

Yes, we can supply your badge free of charge we are however unable to ship the free badge overseas. You can still receive a free badge but you would need to pay the postage charge of £2.50 - If you have made an application for an overseas delivery, please email us and we can arrange to collect payment.