The MBP Panel

The MBP Panel

When you place an order for an MBP, each order is sent to our panel for assessment. Whilst this is a Commemorative Issue, we will always ensure that each medal is being awarded for a valid, credible reason.

Our panel have been selected for a cross-section of industry and public sectors to help give as broad a viewpoint as possible. If you have any questions about our panel process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mr K Paton-Feaver - Business Owner, Shropshire

Mr G Rogers - Veteran, Kent

Mrs S Goldie - Holistic Therapist, Oxfordshire

Mrs J Jones - Medal Specialist, Shropshire

Mr G Rogers - Former Soldier & Reservist, Kent

Miss S Jones - Customer Service & Hospitality Specialist, Shropshire

Mr D Feaver - Veteran, Kent

This medal is a commemorative issue. It is not issued by the NHS, Crown or Government. It is designed, as all commemorative medals, to be awarded by real people to real people where current official awards either do not exist or are not available to those thought to be deserving.