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The Complete History of WW2
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A landmark 100th anniversary 125-page fully-illustrated hardback book charting the history of World War I and featuring over 60 astonishing photographs in a convenient handbook size. A comprehensive historical account of 'The Great War' and as such is the perfect introduction to the world’s first global conflict.

A powerful and moving tribute to the sacrifice of millions

As the nation begins its homage to the fallen of the First World War, we are honoured to present a commemorative publication quite unlike any other. THE HISTORY OF WWI documents the conflict from the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand to its end, four years later, in 1918.  By the time of the war’s end, some seventy million military personnel had been mobilised and more than nine million of them had died. Twenty million had been wounded and eight million were missing in action. Four empires had ceased to exist and the map of Europe had been redrawn. The world had been changed forever. This little book tells the story of the earth-shattering conflict dubbed ‘the war to end all wars’.



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