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Walnut & Gold Luxury Medal Frame
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Our luxury designer Walnut & Gold frames feature a leaf finish with embossed lamb’s tongue design and an antique painted back edge. Each frame in made to order by hand using the very finest Finger Jointed Pine.

The 31mm Italian made, hand jointed pine is a true masterpiece designed for atrifact framing. This is a hardwood frame and creates a truly stunning finish,

How To Choose Your Frame:

1) Choose your mount board colour

2) Select the number of medals you are wanting to display

3) Decide if you want us to mount your medals in the frame for you or will you 'do it yourself?

Once you have selected your option, complete the inscription required. This would normally be name, service number, rank & regiment or service. If you don't have all of these details, supply what you have and we can advise on the best details to use (just a name is fine if that's all you have). If you do not require an inscription, simply put 'not required' and we will not include one.

Each frame is constructed using 3 mount boards. If you would like to have a mixture of colours, for example cream on top and at the back but an RAF blue in the middle, we can accommodate most requests. Please state any special instructions in the box provided above and if we are unsure or think your design will not look it's best, we will call you before we start.

What happens next:

If we are mounting the medals for you - We will send you an email with the address and instructions of how to send medals to us. We will then make your frame & send it back to you. As part of this service we will clean you medals and securely fix your medals inside the frame.

If you are 'doing it yourself - We will make your frame and send it out to you. Slots will be cut for you to medal ribbons to thread through, the process is quite simple but we advise working in a clean, dust free environment. 

Medal Ribbons:

We can supply replacement ribbons if required. We would always advise using original ribbons if possible. We will advise on receipt of your medals if we feel any need replacing. You will find all of our medal ribbons available online here.

Would you like to add photographs and/or badges to your frame? If so, please visit this collection here.

If you require a frame in this style for more than 10 medals or medals across multiple rows, please contact us and we will provide a quotation.



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