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Desktop Medal Frame in Black
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Freestanding Medal Frames - A Unique range of wooden framed boxes with clear silicon centre's, which will present your medals as if suspended in mid air. Available in Black or White in most sizes. The sizes shown are the viewable area, the 'frame' surround is between 15 and 20mm wide. To get your size right, measure your group and add between 5 and 10mm each side to be safe. For example: Group of 5 medals, brooch width 160mm, you would need the 180x230 frame. For loose medals, apply the same logic. Loose medals look as good as mounted medals in these frames.

Sizes and prices: 100x100mm (for 1-2 medals) £15.95, 150x150 (for 3-4 medals) £19.95 & 180x230mm (for 5+ medals) £29.95.

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