Military Medals are supplied of a loose piece of ribbon (usually approx. 6" long), this is how medals would've originally been issued. In order to wear medals of your own or those of a next of kin or family member, they will require 'mounting' on to a brooch 'Ready To Wear'. If you have a single medal this would obviously be mounted on its own. If you have a a group of medals they will, in most cases, be mounted together on a single bar. There are strict rules as to the order in which they are mounted - we can help with this if you are unsure. We will not, under any circumstances, group mount medals that do not meet Ministry of Defence regulations.

There are two styles of medal mounting:

Swing Style

Medals are professionally mounted on a brooch bar using a variety of embroidery techniques and swing freely from the bar. This style produces a handsome finish to your medal or group of medals ready to be worn. The brooch bar has a secure pin on the reverse to be attached to your garment.

Court Style

Full Size medal mounting 'Court' Style. Your medals will be mounted on a stiff backing and stitched down to prevent them rubbing together. Court Mounting has been widely adopted by todays Award Forces. Whilst a more expensive form of mounting medals ready-to-wear, Court Mounting provides a more secure and longer lasting finish protecting medals





Ready To Wear

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